Whoopie Bakery Reviews

We had a recent Custom Whoopie Pie Bar event in January at WebpageFX in Harrisburg, PA. Afterwards we sent out an anonymous survey asking what people liked and what we could improve. Here are a few of the responses:
whoopie pie bakery reviews

What did you like about the Whoopie Pie Bar? 


• It’s a super unique idea, its fun cause its customizable, AND IT WAS DELICIOUS. I am talking top 5 most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.

• The cake was super moist and soft, yet still thick like a Whoopie Pie.

• Loved the extra touch of the glaze, makes it super interesting and adds extra pop! Really good serving size too!!

• EVERYTHING! You both did a wonderful job and were very professional. I loved the variety of options, creative/unique flavors, tasted good and the display/presentation was really cute! Thank you!!!!!

• The flavor options for every piece of the Whoopie Pie! Absolutely loved being able to build my own from so many fun flavors!

• Everything! I think the way you both elevated the concept of simple Whoopie Pies into a luxury treat is so genius! The variety of pairings was excellent and the taste was exceptional!

• I loved the variety. These weren’t your traditional Whoopie Pies of vanilla and chocolate with a white cream filling. Everything tasted extremely fresh and homemade!

whoopie pie bakery reviews 2

What could be improved about Whoopie Bakery?

• I honestly don’t think there is anything else you could have done to make it better. You guys are awesome and everything was delicious. Thank you again!

• Literally the only thing: more chocolate Whoopie Pies. Was so bummed when we ran out!

• Nothing! SOOOO good!!!

• IDK – I thought it was great. You guys should so do weddings!!!

• Not a single thing! Such a fun and creative idea! Can’t wait to see where you guys take this!

• Nothing, it was pure perfection!