Whoopie Bakery Location – A Chambersburg, PA Bakery

Whoopie Bakery is currently in the “startup” phase, and operating out of an incubator kitchen in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. We don’t have an official storefront location just yet, but will sure to make a big announcement whenever that time comes!

In the meantime, we’ll be doing online orders and making appearances at local festivals. You can also book us for weddings, bridal showers, work events, birthday parties, and more. Contact us today to get started!

Why a Bakery in Chambersburg, PA?

Chambersburg, PA has a population of just over 20,000, but it is growing and expanding rapidly. When you combine that with the other surrounding areas, that population reaches the 50,000 mark. Just in the past few years we’ve seen a revitalization of the downtown Chambersburg area. More and more people are attending events like Ice Fest, Chambersfest, First Fridays, and more. It’s been exciting to see more local businesses participate in these events and festivals, and the community has responded well to it. Not long ago it was common to drive through Chambersburg on a Saturday and have little to see, but hard NOT to drive through when there’s something going on.

downtown Chambersburg

Downtown Chambersburg during Ice Fest

It’s not just the downtown area that’s growing. Norland Avenue has absolutely exploded in growth in just the last four years. We’ve seen dozens of restaurants, stores, and shops pop up and do very well. We find ourselves in that area for something just about every day!

Staying Local

The city of Chambersburg is extremely important to us. We intend to stay here, bring our kids up through the school system, and attend the Christmas parade at least 50 more times. And hopefully serve just about everybody in the town a Whoopie Pie.

We also want to give back to the community through volunteering, donations, and more. We currently try to do as much of that as possible at our church, Central Presbyterian Church on the Square downtown. We both teach the Youth Group Sunday School Class and have an absolute blast doing it. Scott plays the drums every Sunday in the praise band, and Madeline is about to take over the organization of the Coffee Hour between services. We strongly believe in focusing on and growing local relationships in order to help make Chambersburg a great place to live.