One year ago today we had our first Whoopie Pie event

One year ago today we had our first event at WebpageFX. All we had was a logo and a wild idea that people might like a Whoopie Pie bar, just like an ice cream bar, taco bar, or anything similar. We had been playing around with the idea for several months before setting it up, and we had no idea how it would go. We thought that if it ended up successful, we might be able to turn it into a business.

Needless to say, everybody loved it.

whoopie pie bakery reviews 2

What happened since then? 

After that event, we got to work doing everything needed to become an official business. We got ourselves registered, got into an incubator kitchen, got inspected, and did all the other sometimes-overly-complicated things that needed to be legal and ready to serve. It was exhausting at times and took several months, but it was worth it.

Once we were good-to-go, we stated taking Whoopie Pie orders. First, it was just from WebpageFX members. This including a Settlers of Catan Whoopie Pie Bar and our first wedding. Then we started getting orders from others, including some for our 4th of July special and other events. We capped off the year at Apple Fest in downtown Chambersburg, which was our first real introduction to the community. We were busy the whole day and heard great compliments from many people who enjoyed the Whoopie Pies.

Apple Fest Whoopie Pies Chambersburg

Now what? 

After Apple Fest we took a much needed break. Now though, we’re gearing up for a great 2017. We have some new flavors, new ideas, and are looking forward to being at several different events. We still have a lot of things to figure out, and are excited for the challenge.

Looking for Whoopie Pies to start the year? Send us a message and we’d be happy to help!




Designing the Logo for Whoopie Bakery

Written by Scott

A Bit of Background

I’ve always loved to create. In high school I’d always pick the option of making a video whenever it was available for a large project. This led me to studying Communications and New Media in college, where I dabbled in a little bit of everything and eventually gained enough experience to land a job as a graphic designer at a local winery.

I wasn’t an expert by any means, but I was a quick learner and enjoyed coming up with creative designs for brochures, t-shirts, and wine labels. Below is my one of my favorites, which had a matte black background but a glossy image and glossy gold border. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I was pretty proud with how it turned out.

evening embers wine label

This was also their best wine, in my opinion.

I also got a chance to come up with fun, quick designs, such as my “wine weather map” that I made before Hurricane Sandy.


My most famous 5 minutes of Photoshop.

It only took a few minutes to design, but the results were insane. It got shared over 10,000 times that year. Then four years later, before a record setting snowstorm, it turned up and was EVERYWHERE. One Facebook page had it at 130,000 shares, another page had 95,000, and I had countless people tell me they had seen it all over the internet. I overheard people talk about it at church, not realizing I had made it. Then it reached the peak when it was talked live on Fox News. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a way to translate this into any sort of real fame.

Logo Design is My Kryptonite

All that design work I did at the winery was fun, but there was one aspect that I avoided at all costs: logo design. It was the bane of my existence. I simply could not come up with a good logo to save my life. I studied them, read articles, could tell you what made a good or bad logo, and picked my favorites, but could not come up with a single workable idea.

When we were getting ready to start Whoopie Bakery, I knew one of the first things we would need was a logo. I knew right away that I wasn’t skilled enough to make it on my own, so it was time to hire a professional. Conveniently, I work at a company full of talented designers.

I knew Keeley Black would do a great job, as I’ve worked with her in the past with projects and she’s been able to design things exactly how I envisioned them. I ran the idea by her and she was super excited about it, so we started to brainstorm what we wanted.

Whoopie Bakery Logo Design 

As a former graphic designer, I know it’s much easier to get direction instead of “just make something” so we wanted to come up with a few ideas and themes.

I’m a sucker for round logos. There’s something about them that just looks complete, and pointed. So I knew I’d want it to be round. I also knew I didn’t want it to just be text in a design. So I’d take the BMW logo over eBay any day.



ebay logo


I’m also a sucker for logos with double meanings, or ones that could be looked at from a number of ways. Like the FedEx arrow or the Milwaukee Brewers MB Glove.

We did a ton of research and compiled some logos that we liked. We noticed a common theme, in that they were all either black and white or dark brown and white. Those colors seemed to fit the Bakery really well, especially being the colors of the classic chocolate and vanilla Whoopie Pie. We also thought it would be great to have the logo look like an actual Whoopie Pie, but didn’t want to make it look like the cheesy Burger King logo.

We sent all of our ideas over to Keeley and told her our vision. We knew she would do a great job, but were still nervous because whatever she came up with would define Whoopie Bakery for a very long time. After a couple days, she sent us the logo that we instantly fell in love with:

Whoopie Bakery Logo

The first one she sent was black and white, but we still knew right then that she had nailed it.

Now, we have a bit of a bad habit of falling in love and picking the first thing we see. We bought the first cat we saw, we bought the first car we saw, and we even bought the first house we saw (after doing plenty of research on the car and house, of course). So we took a few other drafts from Keeley and showed them to others, and everyone agreed that this was the one.

It has the round look that we wanted, perfect fonts, perfect color, and has a classy feel without seeming expensive. It also has a bit of the double meaning. I see it as a Whoopie Pie from the side view, with the word “Whoopie” as the frosting, but I also see it as a Whoopie Pie from the top view, looking down on it with the frosting coming out of the sides.

Picking a logo is a big deal, and I’m thrilled that we got something that we love, and will represent our business for years to come.



Whoopie Pie Bar at WebpageFX

Written by Scott

My “day job” is at a pretty cool company in Harrisburg called WebpageFX. It’s a little different from most jobs. I mean… really different, in the best way possible. Here’s a few of the perks:

  • An incentive program for reading, with prizes like a DSLR camera, Taylor Swift tickets, a hot air balloon ride, and a trip to France (just to name a few).
  • A Happiness Manager who plans parties and events.
  • Awesome work-from home options for those times when you have doctor appointments or snow days.
  • A “happiness budget” which you can spend on just about anything. I mean anything. I used mine for a 8 foot long, 40 pound gummy snake to share with the office.
  • An office in a historic mansion overlooking the Susquehanna.
  • Employees that truly like each other and strive to keep a positive work environment.

webpagefx office

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. It’s a fun place to work. Our Happiness Manager commonly plans cool events for everybody, so a few months ago I asked if she would want one of those events to be a Whoopie Pie bar for everybody, and she loved the idea. Read More