Who We Are

Update: We recently took a break from the bakery, but due to a massive increase in requests, we are looking for ways to reopen. We expect to have more news in a couple weeks, so stay tuned!

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Whoopie Bakery is a start-up and currently “online-only” baking company owned by Madeline and Scott Wilson in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Our key purpose is to serve quality baked goods made from locally-sourced ingredients, whenever possible, to a community that is steadily growing. Our bakery is centered round the Whoopie Pie, which is a dessert specific to the Northeastern region of the United States. We are currently working on finding a new location, so stay tuned for more!

Our specialty is the Whoopie Pie Bar, which allows you to create your own Whoopie Pie by choosing your own cake for the bottom and top, plus your own glaze, topping, and filling. The Whoopie Pie Bar has been a big hit at weddings, showers, birthday parties, and other events.

Our Whoopie Pies aren’t your typical Whoopie Pies. We think eating one of our Whoopie Pies should be an event… an experience you remember and tell others about. Give one a try and hopefully you’ll see what we mean.

Gingerbread, vanilla glaze, cream cheese frosting, roasted almonds

What We Value

Community – We want to see local communities flourish, which is why we intend to do our best to serve the community of people in downtown Chambersburg and beyond. From exceptional products to community and business partnerships, we hope to be a part of the revitalization of local communities and downtown areas.

Craftsmanship – We believe in quality products. As such, everything we do is crafted from scratch. Does it take more time? Yes. Is it more expensive? Yes. But knowing what goes into our foods is important, to us and our customers. In paying attention to and respecting our craft, we’re paying homage to the thousands of home-bakers who’ve paved the way before us.

Ongoing Learning – We don’t claim to know it all, so we encourage our staff and customers to continue their learning journey, regardless of age or background, so that – together – we can make something meaningful and long-lasting and always be working towards improving ourselves and our business.

Individuality – While we believe in bringing people together, we also fully respect the individuality of our community members. As such, we strive to make each customer feel as though they are getting the best experience and individual attention they deserve. Many of our products are customizable for this reason.

The Power of Food – Food has an impact: it brings people together, it nourishes them, and it comforts them. We love that food has that power. Knowing this, we hope that our products harness this power and sustain our customers through many of life’s celebrations.

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